Lover's Guide


Do's & Don'ts For Lover's...

To encourage your mate to talk

As you’re listening, ask yourself, ‘what is he feeling?’ ‘what is he saying?’ Then answer whichever question seems more important. (‘you sound upset.’) Let your partner correct you or confirm that you got it right.

Words your partner would like to hear more often

  • I have faith in you
  • I love you
  • You did a fine job
  • Thank you.

For every day’s ‘To Do’ List

  • Talk
  • Listen
  • Help out
  • Kiss and hug
  • Compliment
  • Express your love

Write little love notes and leave them…

  • On the driver’s seat
  • In the refrigerator, taped to a favourite food
  • On the pillow
  • Inside your mate’s purse or wallet.

Give lots of hugs

  • What your partners needs most:
  • Appreciation Understanding
  • Admiration Love
  • Acceptance To be cherished
  • Encouragement To be cared for

More words your partner would like to hear more often

  • You can do it
  • You’re looking good
  • How can I help?
  • I’m proud of you!

Fighting Fair – Do’s

  1. Take turns talking.
  2. Bring up only one problem at a time.
  3. Focus on the present.
  4. Express how you feel.
  5. Restate each other’ points to their satisfaction before voicing your own opinions.

Fighting Fair – Don’ts

  1. Interrupt
  2. Label each other, their behaviour or ideas.
  3. Threaten
  4. Tell each other their motives(‘You deliberately’)
  5. Shout, swear or hit