What is Graphology?

        1. Analysis Based on Size of Letters
        2. Analysis Based on Level of Writing
        3. The significance of spacing
        4. Analysis Based On Letter Formation
        5. Finer Significance of Angle/ Slant

Graphology is the study of a person's character through the medium of handwriting. The study of handwriting is based on a general style of writing, the formation of letters, the alignment and space between words and lines etc. Through this study, we can get an idea of a person's character, mentality and attitude towards a particular field of profession, and much more.

Understanding Graphology

Your handwriting develops right from childhood. When you write, your pen is under the control of the muscles of your fingers, hands and arm. All these body parts are under the control of your mind. The manner in which the words are eventually formed by the pen must bear a direct relationship to the mind that guides their formation. Each vibration of movement is unconsciously directed by the brain, so we can judge the mental state of the writer. It is a guide to the will power, intellect and emotions of a person.
For an accurate analysis, written text should have been written in a natural manner and the effort should not be deliberate. The best samples are business letters or notes.

What Facilitates Analysis

A study of the following facilitates analysis :-

  • The size of the letters.
  • The style of writing based on lines.
  • The spacing of lines and words.
  • Letter formation.
  • The angle or slant of writing.

It's also important to know the age and educational standards of the writer. Obviously an old man's hand will be shaky when you compare his writing to a relatively younger person.
The interpretation of the writing or the written script is common for both men and women.

Analysis Based on Size of Letters

The size of the letters is indicative of the following:-

  1. Very Small Writing:
    Tiny writing indicates the artistic nature of the writer. People with this style go into the details of whatever they are doing. Generally they specialise in a particular field. They have an aim in life and do not waste either time or energy.
  2. Small Size Writing:
    This indicates an intellectual and scholarly person with a keen sense of observation. These people are meticulous and methodical and are destined to do well in life.
  3. Medium / Average Sized Letters:
    This is characteristic of a methodical and well-balanced person with a healthy mind. They are suited to business rather than service. Worldly-wise, they can grasp things quickly and well despite being relatively less educated.
  4. Large Sized Letters:
    They show an active and restless mind. People with this handwriting are large hearted, self reliant and can influence others quickly. Very talkative, if they concentrate more on themselves, they can succeed easily.
  5. Very Large or Huge Lettering:
    People like these feel that they are important. They cannot face criticism and therefore are definitely successful.
  6. Constant / Same Size of Letters:
    This is indicative of a methodical mind.
  7. Decrease in Size of Letters:
    Writing like this indicates a great level of cunning.
  8. Increase in Size of Letters:
    Handwriting that gets larger indicates great frankness.

Analysis Based on Level of Writing

  1. Straight Lines: If lines are straight, the person has will power and determination. If they are absolutely straight, the person could be rigid. If a little irregular, the person has skill in many fields or has the capability to acquire one or more.
  2. Downward Slant: A downward slant is indicative of a dismal outlook. These people are pessimistic, moody and gets discouraged easily. If the writing has a prominent down ward slant, then they should be cautious because they can be foolish. They may try to get others sympathy by expressing this quality. If a person is not well physically and his or her writing has an extreme downward slant, it is not a good sign. It should be taken as a warning.
  3. Upward Slant: People who write this way are usually ambitious. They are also optimistic. If your handwriting has an upward slant, you probably can talk a lot, could be over-confident and sometimes unreliable. If the slant has a slight upward trend, then it is a good sign. If the slant is very steep, all these qualities are exaggerated.
  4. Irregular Lines: If the lines go upwards, but only towards the end of a sentence, particularly near the bottom of the page, they indicate a strong personality. Such people are courageous even in adversity.
  5. Falling Lines: If at the end of a line and at the bottom of a page, your lines fall, it means you get irritated and worried easily. You are weak and prone to stress.
  6. Dipped Lines: Lines which dip in the centre and rise again later indicate a half-hearted approach to work. People with such a hand start on work half-heartedly, with no purpose. Later they get enthusiastic and finish the task well.
  7. Humped Lines: These are lines that rise in the centre like a hump and then dip once again. These people start work enthusiastically but soon get discouraged and leave the task mid way.

The significance of spacing

  1. Line Spacing: This is an important aspect of hand writing analysis. It proves how important it is for the analyst to have a number of samples of a person's writing to provide an accurate judgment of an individual's personality traits.
  2. Close Spacing: If the lines are very close to each other and have no space in between, they show a confused personality with diverse thoughts crowding the mind.
  3. Average Spacing: These people are never in a hurry. They are casual and clear in thought, and in their day- to -day behaviour. They are well balanced and fair in their dealings.
  4. Wide Spacing: Many famous personalities possess this type of spacing. They are methodical careful and intelligent. Overall these are people with strong character.
  5. Connected Writing: When the letters of each word are connected it is called connected writing. These people are firm, bold, clear, and are positive attitude. They work in a refined way and are perfectionists. It is the mark of an outright sceptic.
  6. Broken Writing: Here, a few letters are disconnected. This type of writing indicates an ability to judge human character. Their writing looks rhythmic and signifies a fine flow of thought and interspersed with quick inspirational touches. It is indeed the writing of intelligent people.
  7. Disconnected Writing: Here every letter is separate. These people live in dreams and have a poetic mind. Inevitably, this is a person who loves art and nature. Do not confuse this handwriting with printed letters.
  8. Cramped Writing: When the words are cramped they indicate people who are extremely expressive. Those with this type of writing are cautions about money matters, bargain a great deal and are suspicious by nature.
  9. Spaced Writing: When words are very far apart, they belong to people who expressive but extravagant. Exhibitionists, they are socially active and fond of good life. They can never be systematic and are usually spend thrift. They forget things easily and should be careful in money matters.

Some Finer Points of Judgement/Analysis Based On Letter Formation.

  1. Rounded Letter: Writing of this type has rounded formations. It seems as if the writer has written in comfort and at leisure. These people are lazy, luxurious, and hate to do hard work. They have all the time in the world to chat but still think that they are busy. However, they are also peace- loving, law-abiding and crave the better things in life.
  2. Block Writing: These letters are plain simple and unadorned. The writing is straight. People of this type are hard-working, meticulous and practical. They are generally busy and are reserved by nature.
  3. Angular Writing: This is distinguished from 'Block' and 'Round' types of writing. People who write this way are full of energy and life. They want to lead people but are aggressive and desire quick results. They do not take criticism well. If the writing is too angular it shows a person as money-minded. If moderately angular the writer could be wise, loving and experienced.
  4. Single Letters: If the size of the letter does not change, it indicates that a person is very careful and conscious. These people never neglect their duties and are careful to finish whatever task is assigned to them. They are usually absorbed in the minutest details of any work that they undertake.
  5. Irregular Letters: Writing of this type is full of large and small letters. These people are rarely reliable and could be fickle. They take the most convenient route to anything.
  6. Small to Large Letters: Writing of this type indicates restrained behaviour. These people are eager to express themselves, work hard and want to get success through honest means.
  7. Large to Small Letters: This shows a tactful and friendly nature. People like this make good use of their connections. They are fair in all their dealings.

Finer Significance of Angle/Slant

One of the most important aspects of graphology is the angle or slant of a person's writing. This needs special study since the variations though minimal, are significant.

  1. If a slant is at 60 to 70 degrees, it shows the person as sensitive, emotional and imaginative. They get aggressive at the slightest provocation and have an intense nature. One should be very careful when dealing with them, since they get excited very quickly.
  2. If the slant is at 70 to 80 degrees, these people are very generous and very kind. They can make others happy and this helps them build careers. They share their happiness with others.
  3. A slant of 80 to 90 degrees is very common. This style is widely used and has a slight tilt towards the right. It indicates a cordial nature and a friendly attitude towards others. These people are genuine and usually take things easy. It is not difficult to manage people of this kind.
  4. If the slant is right-angled at 90 degrees, it shows a selfish nature. These people are analytic and unemotional, but could also be sincere and reliable. They always recognise obligations and hence prove good friends.
  5. If the slant is at 100 degrees, it indicates that the person remembers all the good and bad things that have happened in the past. It shows a nature that is suppressed and controlled, and which therefore could collapse when faced with problems and difficulty.
  6. If the slant is at 120 degrees, the person is cold and self-centred, and has no respect or regard towards others.