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Love is not special, it exists all around us, a dog can love its master. To fall in love however, is intrinsically human. As it is such a rare occurence for two people to not act upon their feelings could possibly be the greatest sin of all.

20-01-2009 18:37:52
L-lake of sorrows
O-oceans of tears
V-value of Death
E-End of life,But true love never dies

13-01-2009 02:42:03
Love is like the moon on a cloudy night. You may not be able to see it but you know its there.

Brandon Marinkov
10-01-2009 18:33:49

tommy r
28-12-2008 19:35:37
The first time I saw you I paid no mind,then a couple of days you caught my mind we spoke and I noticed I might have like you , now that I'm with you your all that's on my mind

13-12-2008 13:14:08
Love is finding confidence in God in providing you the right person that your going to be with for the rest of your life..I prayed for him..and waited.....till I married my husband....I know right away that he was meant for me...he completes me ,everyday he does a lot of endearing things to make me happy...In my mind I often thank God for giving him to me...

Joan Costales
13-12-2008 00:43:20
From the first look,
the first touch,
in that one single moment after all the months of pain,
hurt, darkness, in that one single moment there was light,
clarity, like the stress during an earthquake,
and as it settles you know the worst has gone and done.
That one single moment, I saw her face behind her hair,
saw her beauty from one tear drop, the one single moment
I had realized there was hope, there was life,
there was a future and love.

Louie salmon
12-12-2008 17:48:54
life seems to be meaningless without love,but from the day you find a true love,u feel recreated,just as anew born baby.u become rich in joy,happiness and proud of yourself as a maturd person.when u think that the world is coming to an end,he stands by u like ur shadow to comfort u.itsa wonderful moment that can never be forgotten ...

sandy wisdom
12-12-2008 11:57:40
"Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all that they have."

08-06-2007 00:18:09
love is blind

sweta nigam
07-06-2007 16:55:56