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'' Love is not an emotion its a person''. We are not capable of divine love because if youre love makes you mad you are consumed with raw hatred. Human love is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Whatever is given to you the sametreatment youre spuose gets.

31-01-2012 19:25:20
Love is something that cannot be described by mere words it is a mind searing experience.

31-01-2012 18:49:15
I dont want him 2 say i love u and leave i want him 2 say i love u and stay 4ever with me cuz he is tellin the freaking truth.

I luved him with all mi heart
01-12-2011 20:09:11
U May be out my sight But U never be out my Mind

Anumakonda Ramya
09-05-2011 22:44:32
Love can't express in just words its a kind of feeling,
so feel it..... and love it......

27-03-2010 05:39:19
You never know what love is until it breaks your HEART

25-03-2010 20:21:34
I am good, but not an Angel.
I do sin, but not a Devil.
I am pretty, but not beautiful.
I have friends, but I am not the Peacemaker.
I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to LOVE.

16-03-2010 08:55:27
ON silent night when friends are few,
I close my eyes and think of you.
A silent night.
A slient tear.
A silent wish
That you were here.

16-03-2010 08:52:03
If I had a crayon id draw you and if i had some paper id write how much i love you
but some how no matter how hard i try my drawing seems to be a lie
I cant make that crayon drawing as cute as you and i cant find a word to describe my love for you
I am scared that you'll reject me, I am scared that you'll leave of all the lies you' told me
I still believed you still held that key to my heart

countess drakkar
06-03-2010 15:32:11
if i told you that i loved you would you feel the same, would you dare to to give me the key to your heart or are you scared of falling once again except my heart is already shattering and i need you to glue it together except for one piece which i give to you as a token of my gratitude treasure it my friend for i have nothing more to give.

countess drakkar
06-03-2010 15:16:09