Kisses All Over

Meanings Of Kisses

Kiss on the hand means... I adore you.n the cheek means.. I just want to be friends.

Kiss on the chin means... You are cute!

Kiss on the neck means... I want you.

Kiss on the lips means... I love you.

Kiss on the ears means... Let's have some fun.

Kiss anywhere else means... You're the best.


Places To Kiss Your Love...

Tip of their nose
Curve of their waist
Back of their neck
Under their chin
Inside of their ankle
Tips of their finger
Small of their back
Behind their knees
Behind their ear
Underside of their forearm
Palm of their hand
Inside their wrist
Their eyelids
Their collar bone
Their spine
Their tummy

Shower your love with kisses ALL OVER!


Love Codes Are Romantic, Fun & Private

Here are some possibilities:

1-4-3 means "I Love You"

Three soft taps on the shoulder mean "I Love You"

SWAK = Sealed With A Kiss

X's stand for kisses; O's stand for hugs (often used to sign letters)

Learn the sign language gesture for "I Love you"

Three soft taps on the thigh mean "Let's make love"

Red roses symbolize love and passion

Pink roses symbolize friendship

Yellow roses symbolize respect

White roses symbolize purity