Groom Wedding Tips


Groom Tips

Get Dressed for Engagement Party

The engagement is a big day for you, the groom. A significant step towards the big day. You and your fiancée-to-be are going to be the cynosure of all eyes. There won't be as many invitees present as on your wedding day. But want to give the occasion the importance it deserves. So plan your attire for the day and look your charming best.
You may want to speak to you fiancée-to-be and find out what she's going to wear so that you can co-ordinate your outfits. For instance, if she's wearing traditional attire, you might want to create the complete traditional look by doing the same. You could wear a western suit, too. But it won't look as interesting unless she's wearing a fusion dress or a gown.

Ethnic Wear

Ethnic outfits look elegant and add an air of mystique. An open Sherwani adds just the right touch. Or even just a traditional silk kurta and churidar in ivory or cream with mojri for your feet. You could opt for Kurtas of varying lengths- knee length kurtas are very popular now if you wish to be unconventional, but calf length is safe if you are not the kurta wearing kinds. A Churidar should cut longer in length than required with the excess cuffing at the bottom. The straight and parallel Pyjamas stiched in a rich fabric also look very regal.

A classic Sherwani can be worn with jodhpur pants, pyjamas/ aligadhis or a churidar. Or even a straight parallel cut pair or trousers. The Bandhgala is now being considered as a fusion wear thanks to the popularity of the Guru Suit. Quite similar in style to the Sherwani, the difference being that the Bandhgala is of the normal jacket length with five buttons instead of seven and is worn with formal western trousers.

Now you are ready to look truly dashing for your fiancée.

Western Wear

If it's western attire for you and it's not too formal a ceremony, then you could wear formal shirt and trousers with maybe, an interesting tie thrown in for effect. For a more formal do, you could wear a suit and make it a black-tie affair. Make sure that you are in cool environs, you don't want your sweat to drip all over the floor!


Groom Fashion

What is the nattily dressed groom wearing these days?

The new rule is that there is no rule. Every wedding is unique, and every groom goes with what he finds most appealing. The suit, fortunately or unfortunately, is still the strongest contender for groom wear, but the colours chosen are what brings the suit to modern times. According to Kaushik Srimanker, designer, Studio Sinitta, "Most grooms to be today go for suits with unusual detailing like round necked, or wide lapelled coats, to bring an element of uniqueness to the outfit." Of course, for those who prefer the tried and the tested, colours like navy and brown will never go out of fashion.

But for those who would rather die than be seen in these colours, newer alternatives like rust, moss, earth tones and even for the adventurous, patterned fabrics in brocade are the choice available. At Zegna, the Italian suit label, you can custom design your suit in fabrics straight out of Italy and have a master cutter in Italy cut your suit. That way, you get the great cut that distinguishes your suit from the off-the-rack versions in the malls and the economy of costs that the stitching in India brings. But it still doesn't come cheap, expect an average suit to cost around Rs 50,000.

Along with the suit, you need to ensure that your accessories are eyecatching and not eyesores. Pure silk or brocade ties with sober yet elegant motifs are the safest bet. If you need to be a little more flamboyant, you could go in for a cravat, with a complementary handkerchief folded appropriately and tucked into your coat breast pocket. Do get a suit with intricate buttons on the cuff and the front, they look very elegant and dressy. If need be you could always ensure that these are buttons that can be replaced with ordinary brass ones for everyday use.

If a suit is not your cup of tea, go ethnic. Bandhgalas, Angarkhas, Kurta Pyjamas, Sherwanis, they're all part of the look the sartorially inclined groom is sporting these days. With the advent of the wedding as an indulgence, most grooms are going all out to look as resplendent as a prince on their wedding day. At Studio Sinitta, Kaushik has a selection of bandhgalas with subdued embroidery down the neck and front for the discretely elegant groom to sport. Designers this year are predicting the return to good taste after the sudden splurge towards unbridled ornamentation. Consequently most designs for the groom use classic cuts and fits, accentuated with traditional motifs like the paisley and buti. Most accessories to this look include a traditional jamevar shawl, a decorated turban, a bandhni scarf or a traditional patterned scarf, draped on one shoulder. Do team this look with embroidered mojris and a bright streak of tilak on the forehead. After all, when else could you get all out ethnic and be the star attraction of a gathering?

Male Accessories

As a sartorially inclined groom, you would want to make sure that every aspect of your look is carefully put together. Therefore, this quick primer on what your accessories should be to ensure you look totally coordinated.

  1. Make sure you keep everything in complementary colours. Therefore, if your suit is brown, donot wear a tie that clashes. Keeping shoes, ties and cravats in coordinated shades makes you look immediately put together with a great deal of thought.
  2. You can always add a dash of colour with your tie or a shawl (if you're wearing ethnic). Make sure these don't contrast too loudly with what your bride will be wearing. Remember there will be photographs, so you don't want to look like a patch of sudden colour.
  3. Do invest in a good pair of cufflinks-preferably ones with diamante or diamonds (if you can afford them).
  4. Your handkerchiefs should be monogrammed with your initials, it always adds a touch of class.
  5. Your belt should be a pure leather belt, and avoid the flashy buckle. Save it for your honeymoon. Tonight you need to look suave and polished.
  6. Do get a dress watch. You may not go for the full gold or diamond number, but a dress watch will automatically upgrade your look. As a sartorially inclined groom, you would want to make sure that every aspect of your look is carefully put together. Therefore, this quick primer on what your accessories should be to ensure you look totally coordinated.
  7. Do not wear loafers or casuals to your own wedding reception. Do invest in a pair of formal oxfords or wingtips if you must. Black is the safest colour you could chose.


Every groom becomes a clock-watcher on his wedding day. Waiting, one presumes, for the moment when he can bid adieu to the last guest and be with his new bride. So watch that watch you will be sporting. It's going to be on display, so be sure it does not clash with your attire. No sporty, chunky ones please! You would do well to wear an elegant watch for the evening. Choose from a polished stainless steel or gold case, a face in white may go with your attire better than the more fashionable blue or black ones. For the strap, leather may look more sophisticated than steel. But, some skins are allergic to leather, so be sensitive to your skin by wearing what suits it best.


Parlour treatment for men

It's a big day in your life, and you need to look great too. These days with the trends moving towards unisex beauty treatments for men and women, men can also get themselves pampered. So what do you go in for to ensure that you look your dashing best? Here's a primer:

  1. A facial is your must have. Most men neglect this essential facial treatment, but it is the one thing that can soothe skin exposed to the sun. Another important must do is to get blackhead removals done on the nose.
  2. A bleach is a great way to instantly get rid of a tan.
  3. Tame unruly eyebrows with a natural looking threading. Don't let the beautician go into the natural line of the eyebrow as this will look unnatural.
  4. Do go in for a manicure and a pedicure. Nothing is worse than untidy hands and feet. A man is judged by his well kept hands.
  5. Regular oil massages can make your hair lustrous and shiny for the wedding day.
  6. Do get nose hair trimmed.
  7. A haircut a week before the wedding, will allow your new hairstyle to set well in time for the wedding. And if you hate it, you still have time to rectify it.

How to ensure your hair behaves?

Managing that unrecalcitrant cowlick can be a nightmare for most men, especially on the day when you really want to look your best. And then, god forbid, you could always have a bad hair day, just on the day when the entire world and the photographers decide to make you the focus of their attention. What can you do to get through the nightmarish experience and still look smooth as chocolate in your photographs? Little tricks and products will get you through.

Do get a haircut atleast a week before the wedding. This will give your hair time to settle down before the wedding and in the holy smokes unlikely event that you hate your cut, you can always do some damage control before the big day

Get your dandruff under control or don't wear a dark colour. You don't want flakes on your shoulders distracting those hugging you on the podium !!!

If your hair is naturally unruly and likely to have a life of its own, tame it with some great styling products - L'oreal's Studio Line wet look gel will set the most disobedient hair and make you look sleek and model like.
The advantage of wet look gelling your hair, is that it sets your face into focus and makes you look rugged and masculine. Use this look if you have a square jaw or chiselled features.

If you would just like to have your hair behave, use a styling mousse after you wash your hair and while it is still damp and then blowdry as normal.

Do not under any circumstances wet gel your hair if your hair is thinning on the top. You don't want to look like a grease scalp.

And lastly, this is not the time to go for that golf ball haircut you've always wanted.
Be classic and simple.