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Introduction to international umpires and referees

The key priorities of ICC is to ensure that international umpires and referees perform at the highest standards possible.

The ICC has four officiating panels:

- The Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires
- The Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Referees
- The Emirates International Panel of ICC Umpires
- The ICC Associates and Affiliates Umpires Panel

The ICC appoints the world's best officials to the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires and Referees and provides an assessment and support system to aid umpires and referees in their development.

The Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires

  • Brent Bowden
  • Steve Bucknor
  • Aleem Dar
  • Darrell Hair
  • Daryl Harper
  • Rudi Koertzen
  • Simon Taufel

The Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Referees

  • Ranjan Madugalle
  • Chris Broad
  • Jeff Crowe
  • Alan Hurst
  • Clive Lloyd
  • Roshan Mahanama
  • Mike Procter

The Emirates International Panel of ICC Umpires

The Emirates International Panel of ICC Umpires is made up of officials nominated from each of the ten Test playing cricket boards.

The Emirates International Panel stand in One-Day International matches in their home country, and assist the Emirates Elite Panel at peak times in the cricket calendar when they can be appointed to overseas ODI and Test matches. Emirates International Panel members also undertake overseas umpiring assignments such as the ICC U/19 Cricket World Cup to allow them to gain experience of the different conditions around the world, and speed up the learning process in readiness for potential elevation to the Emirates Elite Panel.

As well as nominating two on-field International Panel umpires, each Test-playing country must also nominate a TV umpire. These officials do not perform on-field duties at international level, but are all first-class umpires in their own county. This position can be seen as one of the steps on the road to becoming a member of the Emirate Elite Panel of ICC Umpires.

  One Two 3rd Umpire
Australia Steve Davis Peter Parker Robert Parry
Bangladesh AFM Akhtaruddin Mahbubur Rahman Nadir Shah
England Mark Benson Jeremy Lloyds Nigel Llong
India Hariharan Krishna Arani Jayaprakash Ivaturi Shivram
New Zealand Doug Cowie Tony Hill Evan Watkin
Pakistan Asad Rauf Nadeem Ghauri Zamir Haider
South Africa Ian Howell Brian Jerling Karl Hurter
Sri Lanka Asoka de Silva Tyrone Wijewardena Peter Manuel
West Indies Billy Doctrove Eddie Nicholls Basil Morgan
Zimbabwe Kevan Barbour Russell Tiffin Ian Robinson

The ICC Associates and Affiliates Umpires Panel

Trevor Henry Ireland Europe
Roger Dill Bermuda Americas
Subash Modi Kenya Africa
Sarika Siva Prasad Singapore Asia
Buddi Bahadur Pradhan Nepal Asia
Hameed Shahul Indonesia EAP
Paul Baldwin Germany Europe
Tony Cooper Fiji EAP
Niels Bagh Denmark Europe
John Thallon Scotland Europe


Umpire Records
Test Matches ODI Matches
mat umpire debut
107 SA Bucknor 1988/89
92 DR Shepherd 1985
69 RE Koertzen 1992/93
68 DB Hair 1991/92
54 DJ Harper 1998/99
33 BF Bowden 1999/00
30 SJA Taufel 2000/01
26 Aleem Dar 2003/04
mat umpire debut
142 RE Koertzen 1992/93
136 SA Bucknor 1988/89
116 DB Hair 1991/92
106 DJ Harper 1993/94
84 BF Bowden 1994/95
82 SJA Taufel 1998/99
58 Aleem Dar 1999/00


Referees Records
Test Matches ODI Matches
mat referee debut
80 RS Madugalle 1993/94
50 CH Lloyd 1992/93
37 MJ Procter 2002
15 GR Viswanath 1999/00
15 BC Broad 2003/04
8 JJ Crowe 2004/05
7 RS Mahanama 2004
6 AG Hurst 2004/05
mat referee debut
175 RS Madugalle 1993/94
112 CH Lloyd 1992/93
84 MJ Procter 2001/02
41 BC Broad 2003/04
35 JJ Crowe 2003/04
26 RS Mahanama 2004
13 AG Hurst 2004/05