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"love is the slowest form of suicide"

kimberley S. Omaña
19-02-2009 18:54:41
Please hurry back because I can't stop the heartaches from dominating over me when I am missing you so terribly

17-02-2009 19:40:00
love is something that is precious than life itself something like a goldmine !!! you feel it, you want it, you need it, you want to be in it, love has a way to set things right but, it has a way of making things bad !!! if you love somebody make sure that you love them with all your might because, one day after all the mess-ups ,you will know how much you really have miss that goldmine !!!

14-02-2009 22:17:09
If all the world love is in a rose, then there would not be enough rose's in the world to show my love for you.

Martin Hocking
14-02-2009 21:44:25
My love is like a rose, starts as a seed and grows more every day for you to love, the more you love me the more the flower grows. The day you stop is the day the rose die's.

Martin Hocking
14-02-2009 21:41:52
Love is life. When you find that special someone, you will always have a meaning of living.
-Alyssa V.

04-02-2009 19:10:54
i didnt notice until u said ul oved her

04-02-2009 15:57:46
If everyone was meant to be perfect i wuld have never found u

04-02-2009 15:56:19
to have deep soul emotions about another, the want to spend all day together and be in each others space, to love that person the same as you love yourself or even more

31-01-2009 11:03:39
I'm afraid to fall for you

because I'm afraid you wont catch me

27-01-2009 14:51:49

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